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Difference between Galvalume Ag and PBR Panels

There are 2 main steel panel profiles used by builders, That is Ag (Agricultural, residential) panels and PBR (purlin bearing R, commercial) panels.

As the name suggests the Ag panel is used for houses and non-commercial buildings, such as barns and carports. Primarily made from 29 gauge galvalume, which can be painted or non-painted. Ag panels also known as pole barn steel because it is used in residential roofing and siding and the industry standard for (post-frame) pole barns and carports. Ag panels have a 36 inch coverage, 3/4 inch tall main rib spaced at 9 inches on center, uses exposed fasteners and seals by overlapping ribs .


PBR panels are the industry standard for pre-engineered metal buildings (red iron). Primarily made with 26 gauge galvalume, which can be painted or unpainted. PBR panels also known as R panels, though similiar to Ag panels, they have more rigidity not only because it is mostly made with a heavier gauge metal but because of the higher ribs. PBR panels also have a 36 inch coverage, 1 1/4 inch main rib and spaced at 12 inch on center, uses exposed fasteners and seals by overlapping ribs .

Cost for PBR panels is generally more expensive then Ag panels due to the heavier gauge of metal used, both are made from painted and non-painted material. Ag panels are used in applications with spans between the trusses or furrings of 36 inches or less. PBR panels can be used in applications where purlins can span up to 5 feet.

When choosing which panel to use for your next building project you must consider factors other than cost and aesthetics. If application does not have roof decking, you must consider strength to span between structural supports. Either way galvalume Ag and PBR panels will give you beautiful, strong and long lasting security on your building whether its siding or roofing. Just look around and see the amount of metal buildings, roofing and siding going on new construction it shows one of the biggest growing segments of the construction industry is metal.

Next we will dive into the fascinating world of Galvalume....

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